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GardaWorld Brands

GardaWorld Brands

Over the years, GardaWorld has grown through acquisition to include a number of other brands. This growth has allowed us to not only offer an unparalleled sweep of security and cash services in North America, but also to extend the reach of those services around the world.

An overview of GardaWorld brands

Established in 1995, GardaWorld is one of the leading global providers of security and cash services. GardaWorld’s in-depth security and cash services offering mean that we have the services you need when and where you need them.

BEST special events by GardaWorld

Formerly known as Kolossal Security, BEST special event was acquired by GardaWorld in 2011. The Quebec-based company is specialized in event security for events from concerts and festivals to races and exhibitions.


In 2015 the Aegis Group was acquired and joined the family of GardaWorld brands. Aegis provides specialized protective services in 10 countries in Africa and the Middle East. Aegis has gained special recognition in the industry for successfully taking on challenging missions protecting Iraqi oil fields.

KK Security

Acquired in 2016, African security specialists KK Security are a full-service security provider offering facilities (static) security, personnel security, and valuables transport.

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In March 2018, GardaWorld acquired United American Security LLC (UAS), a leading security player with 24 branches and 3,600 employees across 16 states spanning the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Southwest, and Southeastern United States.

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In July 2018, GardaWorld acquired NYA, a UK-based crisis management consulting firm. Since 1990, NYA has been committed to helping clients understand the threats to their people, information, property and reputation. NYA’s acquisition helps solidify GardaWorld’s position as one of the leading providers in travel security solutions.

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In June 2019, GardaWorld acquired the American company ECAMSECURE, a pioneer and industry leader in outdoor video surveillance and security cameras for construction and commercial sites of all sizes.

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In April 2019, GardaWorld acquired WESS, a nationwide American provider of event staffing and security services. WESS has focused on developing an Event Services program unmatched in the industry. Their experience includes both security and event services to the Super Bowl, World Series, NCAA Final Four, US Open, PGA Championship, Major League Baseball All-Star Game and the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Drum Cussac

In November 2019, GardaWorld acquired Drum Cussac, a UK-based specialist in travel risk management. The global consultancy is known for delivering intelligence-led, technology-enabled solutions for businesses, with a focus on risk, security and crisis management.

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