Active Shooter Training

In an Active Shooter incident, your life could depend on knowing how to react. GardaWorld’s online Active Shooter training could make all the difference.

Active Shooter Training. Your Life Could Depend On It.

You’ve seen it on the news. Mass shootings. You’ve heard the term Active Shooter.  Gunmen in school, malls, office buildings.  And these incidents are on the rise the US. You can learn more about the spike in attacks on our blog.


Your Life and The Lives of Those Around You are at Risk

According to the FBI, knowing how to react appropriately can be the most important tool you have to get out safely. The FBI actively promotes the Run Hide Fight strategy taught in GardaWorld’s innovative and immersive online Active Shooter Training program can help keep you safe. 

Who is this Course For? Everyone!

GardaWorld’s online Active Shooter Training is designed to help anyone master the skills and techniques needed to survive an Active Shooter incident.


Intended Audience

All individuals including workers, students and anyone else who might find themselves caught up in an Active Shooter situation.

What You'll Learn

  • Recognize the profile of an active shooter

  • Identify signs of an Active shooter incident

  • Use the Run Hide Fight strategy

  • Understand what to do when police arrive at the scene

Online Active Shooter Training - What You Get

GardaWorld’s online Active Shooter Training is available for only $29.99 (USD), and you get the following:

  • Dynamic, interactive, scenario-based online training developed by the security experts at GardaWorld

  • 3 modules of training with self-test quizzes

  • Access your training from any desktop or laptop, 24/7

  • The duration of the training is 1.5 hours

  • 30-day unlimited access to the course

  • A personalized certificate when you complete the course


If you have questions regarding group rates or questions about the course send us an Email.