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About us

Securing safe passage through 28 airports in North America

Our aim is to provide airline security to passengers while ensuring a positive travel experience, in addition to contributing to Canada’s national security and keeping its economy moving. With our aviation security solutions, we provide pre-boarding security screening services across 28 airports in the Prairies and Central regions of Canada.

Our team of more than 3,500 highly-qualified airport security professionals is trained to deliver these services in a friendly and approachable manner, making passengers feel safe, secure and at ease.

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We have been providing pre-boarding screening services at Canada’s airports since 2004 and are currently the largest provider to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA). We are certified by the Canadian authorities and adhere to CATSA’s Screening Contractor Management System Standard, which ensures screening providers meet the most stringent qualification, training and performance levels.

As borders become more open and businesses expand beyond their home markets, the safe, efficient and timely movement of people, goods and services will become vital to ensuring national security and a successful economy. We believe that makes our work more important than ever.

What sets us apart?


We have developed and maintained one of the best airport pre-board security screening solutions in the world, and screen more than 70 percent of the passengers travelling from Canada to the US.

State-of-the-art technologies

GardaWorld invests in state-of-the-art technologies, such as Applicant Tracking Systems and Investigation Management Software, to ensure efficient operations and meet passenger and industry expectations.

Premium service provider

While passenger volume steadily increases, we maintain a safe and secure environment and high-quality services.

Operational excellence

Our staff development and operational efficiency is maximized through the implementation of best demonstrated practice training, which includes successful frontline management and software training courses.

Continuous improvement

GardaWorld is helping to shape the checkpoint of the future and improve air travel for passengers by committing to maintain the highest standards of security, increasing the effectiveness of our screening operations, enhancing employee and management motivational programs, and profiling our best performers.

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