400 Attend Montreal Cash Logistics Family Day Event

December 5, 2012

Children love nothing more than to visit their parents’ place of employment and see first-hand what they do when they go off to work each day. For more than 400 Garda employees and their families, the chance to do so came recently as they participated in the Montreal Cash Logistics Branch “Family Day” event, organized by the Operations Management Team.


Family Day activities included a photo shoot where children were able to dress up as Garda Cash Logistics agents, in uniforms specially ordered for the event.  Guests were greeted by Garda Senior Vice President, Charles Roberge, Senior Director, Jean-Francois Authier and Branch Manager, Martin Benoit before volunteers provided a tour of the facility. Visitors got the chance to see the inner workings of Garda equipment including armored transport vehicles, ATM machines and a safe.


Accompanied by Cash Logistics agents, the families enjoyed a buffet served as they toured the exposition, including the counting room, the lobby of a cash vault and the shooting range.


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