6 golden rules to protect your values during the holidays

December 13, 2016

The holiday season and its whirlwind of festivities are at our doorstep, which means it is important to take a number of precautions in your shops and stores.

To maximize safety in your facilities, be prepared to receive your GardaWorld D-Day security agents.

Prevention is everyone’s business…

Designed for your safety, the following rules, when properly applied, will reduce the risk of criminal acts in your establishment:

1. Be sure to verify the signature specimen list before you hand over your packages to the GardaWorld agent. If you have the slightest doubt about the agent’s identity, ask for the personalized identification card issued by GardaWorld.

2. The GardaWorld agent should never remove the envelopes from your safe or handle them. The agent will take responsibility for the content of the safe once it has been placed in a sealed bag. The agent will also assume that the cash declared on the packages corresponds to the cash written in the customer receipt book.

3. It is important to prepare your package as quickly as possible. Do not forget that the level of risk is the highest when your safe is open and the money is exposed.

4. Make sure your security equipment is in good working order.

5. Be discreet when carrying a deposit envelope to your safe. We recommend carrying one envelope at a time.

6. Be sure to put the sticker (available at all our branches in Canada) that says only GardaWorld can open the safe in plain view, on the door of your business and on your safe.


Some additional tips for the smooth running of your activities

  • Do not overfill your bag. Sealing it hermetically will prevent problems.

  • To accelerate your processing, have two people from your organization on hand, one who will remove the envelopes from the safe and make packages of 10 envelopes; the other will verify the count and place the envelopes in the deposit bag. In the event of a mistake, you simply have to count by groups of 10 envelopes, which makes your work easier.

  • If you must place an envelope which is not part of the deposit in your safe, put an elastic around this envelope. It will be easily identifiable when the safe is opened.

  • If your deposit does not balance, check inside your safe by running your hand over each side. Count your envelopes in front of a witness one more time, and write down the count. Do not delay the GardaWorld team’s departure, this only exposes your cash unnecessarily. Once the GardaWorld agents have left, add up your deposit summary once again, correct your error and send it to your financial institution or processing centre by fax or email. If the error remains, notify your superior. Notify your financial institution or processing centre that your deposit does not balance.

Wishing you all a safe, secure, successful and happy holiday season!