Wilbur Walker Built an Exciting Career by Pivoting From Construction to Security

October 13, 2020

By adopting a “career mindset” instead of a “job mindset,” Wilbur Walker rose the ranks within GardaWorld from security guard to site supervisor to field service manager in just 6 years. 


In 2011, it was difficult for me to find work in my field of engineering/construction. So I decided to rebrand and I began taking classes online in criminal justice. When I graduated in 2014, I was offered a job as a security guard for GardaWorld at The Red Cross regional blood processing center in Detroit.

It was a very intense, 24-hour post. It was the home for the emergency response dispatch, blood drive coordinators, CPR and Basic life Skills training as well as nursing training. It was a pretty big campus with a lot of moving parts, so we had to be diligent in our patrols and reporting. In 2016, I was promoted to site supervisor. I was later transferred to Travelers Tower, where I’m now the field service manager. 

My supervisors at GardaWorld always told me there was room for growth and that opportunities will become available. That made me want to stay and see how far I could go in my career.


The importance of being dependable

I feel a person’s best ability is availability. My biggest quality is that I can be depended on to show up on time and be ready for the tasks at hand. My attention to detail and my eagerness to learn, and then apply what I have learned, have also really helped me in my career. As I ascended within the company, I never became “comfortable.” I always kept that same philosophy that I had as a security guard, to be keen to work and learn.


The chance to save lives

When I was at the Red Cross, there was a gentleman who was robbed and brutally beaten at the entrance of our property. I was doing rounds when I heard the commotion and I immediately ran to the scene. The attacker ran off as I approached them, yelling. I called 911 and the police and EMS quickly arrived. The police took my statement and told me my response saved that man’s life because he would not have been able to sustain any more damage. Although it was a horrific situation, I am glad I played a part in saving a person’s life.


A “career mindset” versus a “job mindset” can make all the difference

Anyone starting a career at GardaWorld should first ask themselves one question: Is this going to be a job or career? If you see it as just a job, you probably won’t last long. If you want security to be your career, you will read your employee manual during orientation. You will take advantage of the free in-person training and e-learning opportunities available at GardaWorld. You’ll have a positive attitude, be punctual, and be willing to work hard. The company provides all the tools and support to be successful; it’s up to you to make the most of the opportunity.


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