A difference that lifts visitors’ spirits at the CHUM hospital

July 30, 2018

Mr. Constantin has been a security guard for one year now, and he’s confident he’s made the right career move. Prior to becoming a guard, he did maintenance work, but Mr. Constantin was unfulfilled due to the lack of human contact. He explains, “I like interacting with people and giving great customer service. That’s why I chose security. When I’m contributing to the development of humankind, I feel most useful.” 


Working at a hospital site is not for everyone. Other than childbirth, most reasons for visiting a hospital are not usually happy ones. That’s where Mr. Constantin comes in. Although some would perceive his job of supervising an underground passage in the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal as dull, Mr. Constantin beams like a ray of sunshine – his energy and positive aura are simply contagious.  


According to passers-by and employees of the hospital, people often take a detour to go through the tunnel just to say hello and exchange a few words with the cherished Mr. Constantin. He is a friendly face and his presence does not go unnoticed.  


“Now I realize the power of a simple hello. It wakes people up and puts a smile on their faces. It makes all the difference.”  




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