André: A smooth transition from the military uniform to the GardaWorld uniform

December 20, 2018

This is the second in a series of 4 profiles of veterans and reservists who have successfully made the transition to civilian life at GardaWorld.


Veteran profile: André

Position in the army: Reservist, Infantryman

Position at GardaWorld: Chief Sergeant of Port Security / Contracting Officer for the Port of Montreal


1. What do you like most about working at GardaWorld?

Since 2008, I’ve been a contracting officer at the Port of Montreal, before working for 5 years as a patroller. As Chief Sergeant of Port Security, I have 20 patrollers and 15 surveillance officers working for me. We have emergency vehicles, ATVs, drones, and even a zodiac to monitor the 23.5-kilometer territory we cover. We also handle traffic management for the thousands of trucks that go through here every day. It's always busy, and that's what I like most. Every day is different.


2. How does your military experience help you in your role at GardaWorld?

From 1979 to 1985, I was with the reserve armed forces, and I did contract work for the regular army. I was with the 4th Battalion of the Royal 22nd Regiment, and I was also deployed to Germany in 1980. But when you move up the ranks, it becomes harder and harder to get these kinds of contracts. As in the military, working at GardaWorld requires discipline, taking responsibility seriously, giving your all, and exceeding expectations. We’re entrusted with a mission, and we have to fulfill it. It takes perseverance, vigilance. Depending on where you work, as in an office building, there are hundreds or even thousands of people relying on your vigilance to keep them safe. It takes courage, too, and the confidence that we’re able to control the situation and manage emergencies, just like in the military.


3. Would you recommend a career at GardaWorld to veterans and reservists? Why?

I definitely recommend GardaWorld to my fellow soldiers. Often, they come out of the army and they don’t know what they want to do, and it’s hard to readjust to civilian life. Here, they’ll find the same framework as in the army. It’s a good team, and we’re always training, which is interesting. It’s a place to land after the army, and then we can choose what interests us; whether it’s physical security, or something else, like investigations, for example. Some of us find it difficult to leave the uniform behind when we come out of the army. At GardaWorld, there’s a smooth transition from one uniform to the other. There’s also that same sense of community here, and there’s a similar chemistry between guards as between fellow soldiers. And if we work hard, we can move up the ranks.



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