Building on Strong Corporate Values and Teamwork to Achieve Success

September 16, 2020

Daniel D. began his career at GardaWorld 14 years ago as an Armed Guard in the Cash Services division. He was then promoted in the management team and, in turn, became a Road Supervisor, an Account Manager and then a Senior Operations Supervisor. He is now Operations, Logistics and Training Manager.


Inspired by the entire GardaWorld family 

My predecessors passed on their enthusiasm for GardaWorld to me, and that passion for my work continues to grow. From the moment I joined the management team, my colleagues and bosses have inspired me to build my career within this great family. They push me to outdo myself day after day, and to welcome every challenge.


Qualities that helped him advance

I have always been determined to climb the ladder and become a good leader within the company. And even though the road to the top is not always simple, I persevere and continue to grow within GardaWorld. My ability to work in a team is another quality that has had a significant impact on my career.

I strongly believe that in order to become the best, you have to surround yourself with the best, and I try to transmit this value to my entire team on a daily basis. Discipline is also an essential quality that I had to develop at GardaWorld. Without it, it would have been impossible for me to do my job and earn promotions.


Achieving successful transitions 

I'm proud of my entire career, but there have been a few significant milestones. For example, in 2014, GardaWorld acquired one of its competitors in the Cash Services industry. Since I was a Senior Operations Supervisor at the time, I was closely involved in the integration of the two companies' operations.

We took on this major challenge as a team, but my personal success was in making an important transition from someone who follows instructions to someone with decision-making power who provides direction. My work suddenly had an even more direct impact on the future of the company. 


The importance of company values 

I would recommend that new employees embrace the four company values. Integrity, respect, trust and vigilance are not just words on our uniforms; if you want to succeed at GardaWorld, you need to live by these values. They will allow you to stand out and contribute to GardaWorld's success.


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