Cannabis: 5 security best practice tips for grow operators

May 31, 2019

Here are 5 security best practice tips they shared for grow operators:


1. Choose a security supplier who will conduct a comprehensive security audit by certified consultants. The security provider should have the expertise to help you identify gaps in your current security measures and create an action plan to improve your physical security by building safety and fire prevention practices.


2. When choosing a security supplier, inquire about the firm’s experience in installing systems for heavily regulated industries and familiarity with Health Canada requirements. According to GardaWorld’s cannabis security subject matter expert and Director for Major Accounts, Charles Ethier, "It's not a good idea to do the bare minimum to get the approval from Health Canada; just because you get clearance from them doesn't mean you should stop there because people can still rob you."


security tips for cannabis growers


3. Choose the right security system for your organization, both to comply with Health Canada's requirements and to get the most out of your investment. Look for an integrated security system which includes access control, alarm monitoring and video camera, all accessible on the same platform  and able to send real-time notifications to an off-site video-monitoring company.


4. Train your staff for the worst-case scenario by using proven methods for reacting in an active shooter or bomb threat situation.


5. Save yourself the headache: look for a fully integrated security supplier who can provide best-in-class, end-to-end security solutions throughout the cannabis value chain. Vice President of Business Development for GardaWorld Cash Services, Rob Murray, recommends that “every time cannabis is transported from one place to another, a secure transportation plan should be in place. This could include a temperature controlled armoured vehicle, armed officers and a detailed itinerary and action plan in case of an emergency.”


marijuana grow operator safety tips


The cannabis market in Canada is evolving rapidly, so when it comes to transporting the product in its various forms, special attention must be devoted to the use of secure transportation companies. Our recommendation is to use the same external security that a bank uses.


For more information feel free to read more about the services provided by GardaWorld’s cannabis transport and security services.