CashLINK vs. Smart Safes

August 9, 2011

The difference between Garda’s CashLINK Cash Management System and “smart safes” is, as Mark Twain once observed about choosing the right word, “the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” Traditional smart safes are stand-alone electronic safes typically found in convenience stores capable of “reading” and validating currency and form the basis for the advanced cash management features offered by CashLINK.

With CashLINK, Garda took those basic systems to a significant new level by integrating secure pick-up, transportation, cash processing and reporting. The result was an easy-to-operate, closed-loop cash management system that had a profound impact on retail operations. Not only is the cash-on-hand secured, accounting and reconciliation processes are streamlined, productivity is increased and customer service improved tremendously.

Our clients don’t want their managers and employees mired in managing cash for several hours each day. They want them focused on delivering superior service for their customers. Whether in quick-service and casual dining restaurants, or convenience stores, quality customer service is essential. CashLINK frees managers from the hassles of cash management and the risks involved with taking deposits to the bank. Of even greater benefit, an increasing number of clients are making arrangements with their banks for same-day credit of funds. As soon as cash is deposited in the CashLINK system, it is electronically recorded and credited to their account, improving overall cash management and availability for funds.


Given the number of smart safe solutions offered in the marketplace today, we are frequently asked what differentiates Garda from our competitors. The answer is simple – it’s our people. With the consolidation of safe manufacturing and new high-end devices offering bulk notes and recycling, Cash-in Transit (CIT) companies need to constantly adapt. Garda has always maintained a customer-centric philosophy and invested in client-support systems to deliver on that philosophy.

How we manage the implementation, rollout and ongoing support for our cash management systems is what truly sets Garda apart. Given the broad range of clients we service in the convenience store, retail and restaurant sectors, we utilize our own smart safe technology as well as other offerings and are expert in making the systems work precisely to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Ultimately it is a cash management system backed by Garda and we have work closely with our technology partners for more than ten years to bring our clients the solutions they require.


Our knowledge base is comprised of dedicated teams of tenured Project Implementation Managers, RECON Specialists, and professional Business Development Specialists who understand the dynamics of the retail and dining industries. This is another key differentiator for Garda.

“My people would revolt if I took away their CashLINK systems”, one loss prevention executive at a client organization always reminds me. That loyalty and commitment comes from the experience of having Garda as a trusted partner, one who not only keeps the world secure for our clients but also keeps their businesses strong and thriving.