Charting a course on campus

March 4, 2018

(Toronto, Canada) Raised in Toronto, Gill D’Agostino was an avid hockey player, involved in competitive leagues and even moving to Nova Scotia to play for the Dalhousie Tigers before returning to Ontario to coach women’s hockey teams. 

Hockey isn’t Gill’s only passion. In 2011, Gill started as a guard at Mount Sinai Hospital. After several promotions that followed one after the other, she was promoted to her current role of Account Director at Ryerson University. 

“What I most enjoy about my job is the ability to create and implement positive changes for the community and for my staff. Dealing with people (usually on their worst day) is often a difficult job to do. I value the ability I have to better prepare and equip my staff to deal with the many emergencies they deal with as well as to provide them with tools and resources that in turn assist the members of the community we serve,” explains Gill. 

Gill attributes success in the security industry to determination. “You must have confidence in yourself and your abilities before you begin any task in front of you. You must take control of your own path and work to achieve your own goals, regardless of what others may think or what our own preconceived notions are about what lies ahead.” 

Having several female role models to learn from inspires Gill to push forward in her career. “I am very proud to say that of our uniformed operation, six out of the eight people we have leading our department are women. They put their work ethic and professionalism at the forefront of their duties and have deserved success as a result,” tells Gill.

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