Chicago Operational Update

April 26, 2013

Please call 888.798.2201 to listen to an updated recording of our recovery progress. The torrential rains and severe flooding that swept the Midwest last week caused tremendous damage and disruption in Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan.

• Rain storms on April 17-18 in Northern Midwest caused severe flooding

• Illinois and Missouri declared state of emergency

• 48 counties in Illinois have been declared disaster areas

Our operations at our Broadview facility, the largest armored facility of its kind in the United States were severely impacted. Our planned recovery was slowed by the extensive and devastating damage to our primary facility which caused us to evacuate the facility for the short term, and damaged our coin and currency processing equipment. In addition, the recovery effort included the transfer and audit of the entire building’s coin and currency inventory to the alternate site.


We quickly moved to the alternate facility, resumed trucking and ATM operations within 12 hours, and began the arduous task of reestablishing vaulting, and coin & currency processing operations in the new facility.


Thanks to our failsafe operations design and infrastructure, we were able to relocate our cash vault services (CVS) processing to a secure and dry backup facility. The prompt disaster response of our personnel resulted in virtually no contamination of currency as we secured all client assets from the flooding. We immediately added additional shifts to meet the increased processing demand and, within 72 hours, all scheduled routes were dispatched with minimal delays.

We have made a quick recovery in the past two days and I am pleased with the progress.  I am considering this week a “recovery week” as we catch up on the processing backlog, continue to improve the work environment and flow in the new building, correct the routing and improve the shuttle network that has impacted the outlying branches.

Our personnel have worked through personal hardship and their heroic efforts have enabled us to continue to service the majority of our client’s needs during the most adverse conditions. They continue to work long hours maintaining operations 24/7 until all backlogged work has been completed.

As the Head of Garda U.S. North, I pledge the resources we have at Garda nationwide to ensure that our operations in the Midwest, particularly the Chicago area, are restored to the same level of service we provided before this storm hit.

Word of Caution for Our Commercial Clients

As you open your businesses, be cognizant of the fact that you may have currency that may have been contaminated. If the funds you have received are waterlogged – if they have been subjected to flood waters – you must contact your financial institution. They will provide detailed information on how to handle this currency. It does present a hazard to you and to your employees so you must handle it with care and you must follow the guidelines that your financial institution prepares and provides to you.


Here at Garda, we will continue to keep our valued clients and our business partners advised of all developments.


Once again, I encourage you to dial into Garda Operational Command Center Hotline at 1.888.798.2201. If you have any additional questions or concerns, reach out to your Relationship Manager or call into Client Support at any time. We are ready and willing to assist you in this trying time.


Finally, to all of the families and households and businesses that have been impacted by this storm, we will keep you in our prayers.


Remember, you can listen to an updated recording of our recovery progress at any time at 888.798.2201.