Chris Jamroz participates in the 4th Canada-China Cultural Dialogue

August 5, 2015

Cash Services President and COO, Chris Jamroz, shared his insights on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Philanthropy at the Canada-China Cultural Dialogue, a two-day forum dedicated to better understanding of the linkages between business and culture, in Toronto, Canada from August 5-6, 2015.

GardaWorld, with 48,000 employees around the world, focuses on helping people secure stronger futures through a focus on the environment, health, education, shelter and food.

In North America, GardaWorld Cash Services recently committed to building more environmentally responsible armored trucks to integrate into its existing 3,500 truck fleet.  As one of the largest cash transportation fleets in the industry, the company worked with Peterbilt to customize 1,000 Peterbilt Model 330 trucks at a cost of $100 million, pioneering higher standards of efficiency and safety.

“Leading corporations must look at their practices and make large-scale CSR commitments to pave the way for others in their industry to follow,” said Chris. “We built a partnership with Peterbilt where together we were able to develop new efficiencies in the way we produced armored vehicles,” said Chris, “Our commitment to this partnership and volume also meant better cost savings and on-the-road-performance in terms of safety, maintenance and reliability of the vehicles—a way to improve the lives of our employees and further reduce our impact on the environment.”

In the Middle East, GardaWorld’s International Protective Services business has made great strides in the area of education.  Its latest project was providing 1,200 high-school students in Kurdistan with access to computers and the internet for the first time.  The project greatly improves the learning opportunities for the students and provides opportunities for other schools in the area to share the facilities for teacher training and adult learning.

“Wherever we operate in the world, we come to know the people of our communities and support them in ways that could change their lives,” said Chris.  “We may think globally, but we often act locally to see and feel the difference we are making and inspire others to do the same.”