Climbing the ladder and challenging stereotypes

March 2, 2018

(Vancouver, BC) For Andrea Cann, being a woman in security brings a sense of pride. As the Operations Manager for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), a GardaWorld client, she’s undeterred by what others may think about a woman being in her role. She addresses misconceptions about females in security head on, advising women to be “ready to take on any stereotypes as a challenge.”
Andrea gained experience in security by working in halfway houses, escorting inmates from federal prisons to public meetings, ensuring detainee transport security, as well as serving as a loss prevention officer.

 After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Andrea quickly climbed the ranks. In February 2017, she was transferred to a more challenging site, putting her experience and skill set to the test, monitoring risk levels of detainees, preparing her for her current role as Operations Manager.  

“The contract I oversee is very different from typical security work that agencies offer. Our guards get hands-on experience transporting detainees and utilizing restraints and tactical communication on a daily basis. It’s very fast moving and highly detailed work,” says Andrea. “I like the diversity and the dynamic elements of my responsibilities. Every day is different and a new situation may arise.”

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