Commitment to quality, foundational to our business

August 3, 2016

GardaWorld’s dedication to continuous improvement and quality programming stems, in part, from requirements put down by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) for all security contractors servicing Canada’s airports. In order to provide our services, we were required to develop our own program dedicated to continuous improvement. This is an axial concept in our relationship with CATSA.

This dedication has extended far beyond the requirements of a contract: today, our devotion to continuous improvement is not just a client expectation but is a fundamental part of the way we do business. We will not do business unless it is done with an eye to continuous improvement and an eye to quality performance.

A new corporate culture. Our corporate culture of continuous improvement pushes us to see the wider picture. What we do impacts much more than just everyday operations. At GardaWorld, among other things, we are driven to:

This dedication extends to all our aviation clients, not just CATSA. That is because we are not merely following a requirement. Instead, we are embracing quality service and continuous improvement as foundational to how our organization operates.

Bleeding edge of industry standards. We are driven to perform on the bleeding edge of evolving industry standards and expectations at every level of management. Rather than merely meeting national and international requirements, we constantly push the boundaries of the industry to provide increasingly skillfully enhanced services.

Dedicated quality assurance departments within GardaWorld, fully supported by upper management, make continuous improvement their sole goal, providing guidance and metrics to help the company perform at its very best.

Key performance indicators are thoroughly tracked, giving us in-depth understanding of how the company measures up to expectations. Ideally, any sub-optimal performance can be corrected before it impacts CATSA or the travelling public. Meanwhile, even the best performing indicators are scrutinized to encourage continued improvement.

In addition, an independent audit is performed at least yearly. While part of GardaWorld, these auditors exist outside the company’s aviation branch. They bring fresh eyes and a new perspective to everything we do.

Frontline awareness. This drive for quality assurance does not end with the departments dedicated to measuring and guiding it. Frontline personnel such as screening officers are provided regular training, memory aids, communication programming and more to keep them constantly engaged in this policy of continuous improvement.

GardaWorld already provides superb aviation security services. However, in an industry as quickly evolving as ours, we feel the need to do more. Self-driven, continuous improvement policies are imperative to our operations as we strive to find new ways to excel at providing the services on which our clients depend.