Crisis24: Disruptions expected surrounding Semana Santa in Latin America

April 16, 2019

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This Week’s Top News Alerts from Crisis24:


Sudan: Protesters march outside general Command in Khartoum

Individuals traveling to Sudan are advised to adhere to all instructions issued by local authorities and their home governments, and avoid all public gatherings and common demonstration sites due to the risk of violence and arrest.
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Indonesia: Final preparations for April 17 elections

Avoid all public demonstrations as a precaution, anticipate business and transportation disruptions as well as a heightened security presence near protest sites, refrain from discussing political subjects in public or on social media, and adhere to instructions issued by the local authorities and their home government.
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US: Disruptions due to Boston (Massachusetts) Marathon

Individuals in or near Boston are advised to allow additional time to reach their destination, anticipate a heightened security presence and significant transportation disruptions, including road closures, public transportation closures or disruptions, and increased congestion.
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Spain: Air Nostrum pilots to hold multiple 24-hour strikes

Further strikes are also possible in the coming weeks. Air Nostrum has reportedly canceled 148 flights from April 15 to April 17, affecting approximately 10,000 passengers. Additional flight cancelations are also likely if strikes continue as currently planned.
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Ukraine: Second round of presidential elections

Political rallies and other election-related events are likely to continue nationwide, and associated acts of violence cannot be ruled out. Heightened security measures along the border, particularly with Moldova’s breakaway region Transnistria as well as Russian-annexed Crimea, and around polling station are anticipated in the days leading up to April 21.
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