Crisis24: Opposition demonstrations in Venezuela

January 28, 2019

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This Week’s Top News Alerts from Crisis24:


Opposition demonstrations on January 30 and February 2 in Venezuela

Individuals in Venezuela are advised to avoid all public demonstrations due to the risk of violence and arrest. Read more


Brazil: Evacuations ordered in Minas Gerais state after dam collapse

At least 37 people are confirmed dead and more than 250 people are missing. Read more


Sudan: Nationwide protests planned January 30-31

Individuals in Sudan are advised to obey all instructions issued by their home government as well as those of the local authorities, including curfew orders. Read more


Ecuador: Demonstrations planned nationwide Jan. 28 and 30

A heightened security presence and transportation disruptions are possible in the vicinity of the demonstrations. Read more


India: Farmers to protest in Delhi

The rally will be held at Raj Ghatas and around 15,000 people are expected to participate in the event. Heightened security measures and traffic disruptions are anticipated. Read more


Nigeria: Presidential election set for February 16; increase in political rallies expected in coming weeks

Although travel is permissible in some areas, other areas should be considered strictly off limits. Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to travel. Read more



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