Crisis24: Security forces disperse protesters in Sudan

January 21, 2019

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Security forces disperse protesters in Sudan

President Bashir blames “infiltrators” for protester deaths over past month and vows not to step down before 2020 elections. Read more


Philippines: Evacuations ordered as Tropical Depression Amang approaches Bicol region

Authorities issued mandatory evacuation orders for the area, which is likely to be affected by floods and landslides. Read more


Mozambique: Tropical storm to hit east

A heavy rain warning has been issued for the provinces of Inhambane, Sofala, and Manica. Read more


India: Demonstration to be held in Mumbai

The demonstration is being organized to demand increased job quotas for members of the Brahmin community. Read more


UAE: Disruptions likely during Dubai Marathon

An increased security presence is also expected throughout Dubai for the duration of the marathon. Read more


China: Transportation disruptions ahead of New Year celebration

Around 3 billion trips are scheduled in the next six weeks, until March 1. Read more



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