Do you have what it takes to be a Cash Messenger?

February 14, 2018

The role of a cash messenger seems simple at first glance; they must ensure that customers’ valuables are transported safely from point A to point B. Yet it is a complex job, and while maintaining a procedural routine is essential to the security of the guards, the job is anything but routine!

Essential qualities to become a Cash Messenger 

Armoured truck transportation is a team effort, in which the team leader/messenger and the driver/guard of the armoured truck have clearly defined, different but complementary roles. At GardaWorld, guards are familiar with both roles as they usually alternate between them within the crew. And while comprehensive training prepares guards to perform their duties precisely and efficiently and deal with different daily threats, their personality also plays a crucial role. Are you qualified for a career in cash services? A guard has to be:

•    observant and vigilant
•    curious
•    in good physical shape
•    methodical and organized
•    honest
•    responsive
•    calm in stressful and risky situations
•    good communicator
•    versatile
•    respectful of the public
•    courteous and able to provide great customer service

The 124-hour training given to GardaWorld guards in Quebec includes the handling of firearms. Guards must be able to use their gun quickly and accurately in the event of a confrontation with an aggressor. The qualifying exam has criteria similar to the test given to police officers.

Through training and mentoring by experienced guards, our new cash messengers quickly learn how to deal with fear and the adrenaline rush, anticipate danger, and detect suspicious behaviours.

The profile of a guard

Pierre-Luc has been part of the GardaWorld family since 2004. He began his career with the company without suspecting that he would become truly passionate about his job as a cash messenger. His professional career has allowed him to evolve rapidly within the company.

“It's a job that brings a lot of satisfaction, because every day is different. You must have good judgment at all times," says Pierre-Luc. “Being able to put oneself in the shoes of a thief and being able to read people's body language are two important aspects to protect customers' values and ourselves.”

“The most impactful moment in my career so far is undoubtedly when criminals tried to commit robbery during a planned stop while I was with my partner. I had just started in this business." Luckily for Pierre-Luc and his partner, everything ended well. "It could have frightened or discouraged me, but I took this incident as an opportunity to grow, and it allowed me to evolve within the company." Since joining GardaWorld, Pierre-Luc has also worked as a shooting and use of force instructor.

The passion to be in the field never left him. "I am very proud to work for GardaWorld. I feel a great sense of belonging to the company every day, and that's really important to me."

If you are interested in a career in cash services, visit our careers site to explore our job openings and career opportunities.

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