Just Five Years After Graduating, GardaWorld’s Ghonche Alavi is an Expert in an In-Demand Field

October 1, 2020

Ghonche Alavi joined NYA, now a GardaWorld company, in 2015. Through mentorship and formal trainings, she has quickly become an expert in an in-demand field. 


I developed a strong interest in data privacy after interning at the King’s Policy Institute in London. I was focused on how data was being handled and the privacy considerations, and impact to health care and military domains.


The opportunity to work on complex, interesting cases 

Five years ago, I started working at NYA, which became a GardaWorld company in 2018. I’ve since had the opportunity to work on a number of cyber-extortion cases. I’ve helped high-profile companies respond to complex cases of data theft and ransomware. 

Cyber extortion is a growing problem, and the ransom demands have been rising steeply over the past several years. In some cases, the cryptocurrency demand is seven figures. These cases are extremely complex as they involve many stakeholders, business considerations and lengthy forensics investigations. It’s fast-paced and dynamic, as we need to keep up with criminal actors that continue to look for new vulnerabilities. 


Growing professionally with trainings and mentorship 

While at NYA and then Crisis24, I was supported to pursue my interest in cybersecurity. I became a Certified ISO 27001 Professional, Certified Penetration Tester, and a Certified Digital Forensics Examiner and have since completed a Master’s degree in cybersecurity. These are in-demand and new fields of study that strengthen my credibility with clients and colleagues alike. 

In addition to the formal trainings, I’ve worked with so many accomplished people, with various backgrounds, and lots of real-world experience and talent. I’ve benefited from mentoring from senior team members.


Making a major impact with multinational companies as clients 

In addition to responding to cyber security crises, I help companies prevent breaches from occurring.  I support major multinational companies, on getting buy-in across their various locations and help company leaders track their progress toward aligning cyber-security practices across regions. 

It’s very rewarding to see the direct impact of your efforts on organizations on such a large scale. 


The right support can take you far 

My advice to new employees at Crisis24 is to always take opportunities that present themselves. With colleagues and mentors who support your learning and growth, the possibilities are endless. 


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