From takeoff to landing back home, here’s how we keep your employees safe while they travel

November 28, 2018

At GardaWorld, we know that business travelers have a lot on their minds, so we don’t expect them to be risk experts on the countries they’re visiting. That’s where our Travel Security services come in. At GardaWorld, we’re committed to keeping travelers safe and informed from the moment they take off, to the moment they land back home.


Here’s a snapshot of the three main ways our Travel Security program keeps your employees safe throughout their entire journeys.


Before takeoff: we offer easy-to-access, helpful information to prevent issues upon arrival.

When it comes to business trips, employees rarely have time to educate themselves with travel books and guides—and even if they do, what they’re reading may not be up to date. Thankfully, with GardaWorld’s Crisis24, it’s simple for business travelers to access the most critical information. Crisis24 is a portal that contains the latest, most relevant security information, news alerts and practical travel advice by country.

For example, in a high-risk part of the world, travelers might be advised not to leave their hotels after dusk, to avoid certain areas even during the day due to the risk of kidnapping, or not to consume tap water due to the high number of reported cholera cases. Thanks to GardaWorld’s Travel Security program, employers can feel confident that they’ve given their employees access to key advice and safety information about their destination—and that they’ve fulfilled their duty of care obligations.

Furthermore, employees can customize their Crisis24 dashboards and receive alerts based on their travel destinations and what’s relevant to them.


While abroad: we monitor your employees’ whereabouts to ensure traveler safety.

From the moment the employee is en route to his or her destination, GardaWorld’s Travel Security system provides real-time travel safety information and emergency alerts. Without using data roaming, our system can monitor the exact locations of travelers, and use this information to alert both the travelers and their employers of any nearby threats. We also make it easy for our clients to know where their employees are, and to communicate effectively in the event of a crisis.

In the case of serious danger, such as a terrorist attack or an earthquake, we notify the traveler by text and give instructions on how to respond. Travelers are always instructed to contact a manager as soon as it’s safe to do so. In the meantime, we’re in touch with our clients to let them know about the emergency and update them on what we have advised the traveler to do.


If and when issues arise: we will assist in whatever way is needed.

When people travel, as much as they hope and plan for the best, things can go wrong anywhere, any time—and issues are even more likely to occur when in unsafe or risky areas. Any number of things can happen, from important travel documents getting stolen or falling ill in a remote area, to being in the middle of an active shooter situation or being faced with a large-scale natural disaster. Travelers can find themselves unsure of what to do next, and time zone differences can make it hard to reach employers fast enough to get the guidance they need.

It’s reassuring to know that if your employees ever feel in danger or require assistance while abroad, they can contact the Travel Security hotline directly for assistance, 24/7. We ensure your employees are provided with the best advice, based on our expert knowledge of available services and infrastructure in the region. If something has gone wrong, we update our clients (the employers) frequently, and work in close communication with them as events unfold. We can also provide on-the-ground personnel to help with security escorts, evacuations or medical emergencies. We respond to travel incidents with the calm confidence and expertise that comes with experience. In just 2017, we tracked more than 3.5 million trips.


GardaWorld’s Travel Security services give business travelers the information they need to travel safely, while allowing employers to fulfill their duty of care obligations. At GardaWorld, we have travel security covered, so you and your employees can focus on the work that needs to get done.


Learn more about how GardaWorld’s Travel Security program can help you keep your employees safe while abroad.