Garda CL Brings Unmatched Services to Tri-State Region

May 17, 2011

With the acquisition of AT Systems in 2007, Garda became the cash logistics leader in the New York financial market. The company is now making major infrastructure investments in the tri-state area to bring an even greater level of service to its customers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


In November, Garda Cash Logistics opened its newest and most modern armored facility in Fairfield, New Jersey. This facility is located in northern New Jersey and compliments Garda’s other armored facilities which are strategically located in central and southern New Jersey.


Garda recently expanded its Long Island City Currency Processing Center and upgraded its Edison Currency Processing Center by adding additional High-Speed Bank Note Processing Systems which afford banking institutions a cost-effective cash management solution and services that allow banks to re-circulate their own currency, avoiding costly Federal Reserve Bank cross-shipping charges.


Garda CL is also the only armored car vendor to open and maintain a “coin only” processing facility which, due to the extremely large volume of coin generated in the region, enables the company to efficiently manage its customers’ coin orders and deposits.


With these new innovations and facilities, Garda is well positioned to meet this financial market’s ever-increasing demand for coin and currency processing, order fulfillment, and inventory management.