Garda Focuses on Assisting Clients with Hurricane Sandy Recovery

October 31, 2012

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Garda Cash Logistics is now focusing its efforts on assisting clients in recovering from the storm and restoring services as quickly as possible.


Those efforts include:


Dedicated deliveries to ATM locations

Picking up extra funds from the Federal Reserve

Delivering extra currency such as Fed Packs to Bank Branches

Filling ATMs to their maximum capacity

Delivering extra change orders to customers

Stopping coin deliveries


We are applying tremendous resources to the recovery effort.  Our operations staff worked well in advance of the storm to get ahead of the curve for our customers going into the storm and those efforts will continue until all customers have fully recovered.


As the recovery efforts continue, we ask that clients continue to request critical services or special requests and proactively re-schedule service by contacting  Garda Client Support at:


Phone 1-877-287-8889

Email  [email protected]

Fax  626-796-7360


We communicate before, during and after a storm or other disruptions in the following ways:


Client Support and your Account Executive can assist you with any questions or support requirements.

We post Emergency Alerts on our website ( that will inform you of any locations where we have limited or interrupted service due to the weather, flooding, power outages, or road closures. We update the information whenever something changes.


Effective contingency planning can greatly reduce impact of hurricanes on your business operations and Garda is ready to assist you in achieving and maintaining your business continuity.