Garda Offers Tips for Safe and Secure Holiday Season

November 12, 2012

With the traditional “Black Friday” launch of the retail holiday shopping season creeping into Thanksgiving evening, retailing experts are predicting record levels of shopping activity this year.  According the AAA Consumer Pulse, consumers will spend as much or more that last year on holiday shopping.


Garda Cash Logistics is working with its financial and retail customers to prepare for the holiday shopping season, encouraging banks, credit unions and retailers alike to review their holiday schedules and plan for increased cash deliveries and pick-ups to facilitate increased shopping activities. We are also encouraging them to review all security plans and procedures for their operations.


Shoppers need to stay safe during this busy shopping period. Here are some simple safety tips to help ensure a safe holiday season:


  • Exercise extra caution when driving. AAA predicts that 43.6 million people will be travelling this holiday season, 9o percent by automobile. Always wear a seat belt and drive defensively.

  • When shopping, keep purchases out-of-sight, locked in the truck of the car or covered up.

  • Stay alert in crowded stores, malls and other shopping areas. Criminals avoid people who make eye contact and seem alert and aware of their surroundings.  Practice situational awareness when using ATMs.

  • Review bank and credit card statements promptly and thoroughly and report discrepancies immediately.

  • Shop during daylight hours and, at night, park in well-lit parking areas keeping vehicle locked at all times.

  • Photocopy front and back of all credit cards and keep in a safe place to speed reporting them if lost or stolen

  • Fraud increases during the holidays.  Beware of people selling items from cars or streets.  Some may pose wearing retail outlet uniforms.

  • Inform family members of your shopping plans and schedule.

  • Carefully supervise small children when shopping and teach them what to do if they become lost or separated.

  • Watch for your mail. Thieves go through mailboxes for holiday cards containing cash or checks.


The holidays are a time of giving and good-will.  Practicing good security ensures that they will be safe as well.