Garda Profile: Pat Marr

June 5, 2011

Accounting and Business Degree. 20+ years Retail Management of specialty retail and mass merchandisers. Heavy concentration in Human Resources, Training, and Operations (customer service, loss prevention, inventory control, cash offices). Nine years of progressive responsibility within the Armored Car Industry. Branch Manager in Charlotte, District Manager with experience in 10 states as Districts expanded/ realigned, Vice president CVS/Southeast.


Responsibilities: Main product focus – Banking Services such as check imaging, ATM solutions, and cash vault enhancements. Enhancements include system upgrades, identifying the right equipment for the job, and staying abreast of our banking customers evolving needs. Internally support Operations and Sales in their growth and understanding of Cash Vault Services, policies and procedures. Externally work with current and prospective customers to identify ways they can improve their position in the financial arena by using Garda’s product offerings. Work with the Federal Reserve on upcoming initiatives and prepare the organization for possible impacts due to policy changes as they relate to the armored car industry and/or our financial partners.


Most Satisfying Accomplishment – Work Related: Optimization. Turning inefficient operations into money makers and, along the way, bolstering customer satisfaction and providing employee training and development.


Words to Live By: Be proactive. Develop a plan. Follow the plan. Take what comes. Learn from it. Share it with others. Repeat.


Biggest Challenge: Looking for the proper balance and finding the right fix at an affordable cost in today’s world where technology runs ahead of the economic race.

Advice to clients: In this day and age of e-mails, go-to-meetings, and the high cost of travel we find ourselves relying heavily on non-face correspondence. When considering a new service provider or new service take time to come together personally. Visit your provider’s transaction center. Watch the process or review the new service. Reciprocate the visit. Allow the service provider to see your current operation and understand first hand where you are today and where you want to go in the future. You will emerge as partners with expert resources from both sides working towards the best solution for your needs. Being able to openly communicate is the foundation of any relationship.