GardaWorld donates $150,000 to Famijeunes

November 3, 2016

Famijeunes is an organization that provides a place of caring and healing to families in Saint-Henri and Little Burgundy neighborhoods.

Parents can discuss and help another to better manage their family lives and, with the support of Famijeunes’ multidisciplinary team, successfully achieve socio-economic integration.

To conclude the 2016 GardaWorld fundraising initiative, a cocktail party was held at Famijeunes, on October 3. Marc-André Aubé, President and COO of GardaWorld Protective Services – Canada and Honorary President of the 2016 Famijeunes fundraiser to unveil the total amount raised, on 3 October. Fifty donors, volunteers and families were present in a festive atmosphere to celebrate everyone’s contribution. Moreover, it was the opportunity to meet and talk with families who benefit from the organization’s services. A short video, presenting families at hockey-themed party, demonstrated the importance of the Famijeunes services and activities. At the end of the cocktail, GardaWorld presented with pride a check for the amount of $150,000 to Famijeunes.

GardaWorld would like to thank, once again, all those who contributed to raising funds this year.

For more information or to donate, visit the Famijeunes website.