GardaWorld employees involved in the Famijeunes fundraising race!

September 15, 2016

Famijeunes is an organization that provides a place of caring and healing to families in Saint-Henri and Little Burgundy neighborhoods.

Parents can discuss and help another to better manage their family lives and, with the support of Famijeunes’s multidisciplinary team, successfully achieve socio-economic integration.

The first edition of the Famijeunes fundraising family race took place on Saturday, September 10, 2016 along the Lachine Canal. Around 80 participants gathered to run either 1km, 3km or 10km.

Marc-Andre Aube, President and COO of GardaWorld Protective Services – Canada, served as Honorary President of the 2016 Famijeunes fundraiser. Additionally, GardaWorld was a pround sponsor of the fundraising race.

During the participation awards ceremony, Marc-André expressed his pride to see 22 members of his team – including himself – get involved for a good cause.

Join us in congratulating our athletes for their effort to support their community:

  • Alexis Chamberland

  • Amanda Sweeney

  • Angèle Méthot

  • Catherine Bourget-Ricard

  • Charlotte Cardona

  • Florence Ouellet

  • Ingrid Cosette

  • Isabelle Panelli

  • Israël Morin

  • Jean-Baptiste Rival

  • Katie Hébert

  • Krystelle Miron

  • Marie-Claire Asseko

  • Martin Lemonnier

  • Mylène Dumoulin

  • Myriam Lafrenière

  • Nathalie Dignard

  • Rachida El Jastimi

  • Ronald Bastien

  • Stéphanie Buljugic

  • Tanya Di Paolo

  • Yannick Drapeau

For more information or to donate, visit the Famijeunes website.