GardaWorld helps veterans and reservists find their place in civilian life: Profile on Kezia Noel

March 12, 2019

We present the 4th and final profile in our series of veterans and reservists who have successfully transitioned to civilian life at GardaWorld.


Military position: combat medic in the United States Army

Position at GardaWorld: Recruiter, Human Resources


1. What do you like most about working at GardaWorld?

Variety! I started at GardaWorld on a contract basis; I was part of a tactical squad that patrolled certain buildings in higher-risk areas in Ottawa. Then, I drove dignitaries during the G7 summit, and it was at that time, with their knowledge of my military background, that I was approached to fill the position of Human Resources Recruiter. And even in this position, I never know what my day will bring!


2. How does your military experience help you in your role at GardaWorld?

As a member of the military, you develop different skills that follow you into civilian life. These include confidence, a feeling that you can achieve anything, and this is highly valued at GardaWorld. When you are asked to complete a task, you’ll do anything to succeed, and when you have this military frame of mind and you apply it to civilian life, you can accomplish so much more.


3. Since the launch of the reservist and veteran employment program, GardaWorld encourages veterans who already work within the organization to promote job openings to their fellow soldiers. Would you recommend a career at GardaWorld to veterans and reservists? Why?

Absolutely, and I do it every day as part of my job. I share that what is particularly interesting for me at GardaWorld are the different avenues available; you don’t need to stay in the same position all the time. You can choose security, aviation or, like me, an administrative role. And you don’t necessarily need any specific expertise, since they offer all kinds of training.


Moreover, GardaWorld facilitates the transition from military to civilian life. At least for me, the transition was easy. They also appreciate typically military values: dedication, perseverance, and determination.


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