GardaWorld Launches Houston Security Awareness Campaign

November 19, 2013

Responding to an alarming increase in violent crimes against the employees of several armored cash services providers, GardaWorld Cash Services has launched a public awareness campaign in Houston to focus attention to the problem and seek public assistance in dealing with the attacks.


The idea for the campaign came from Executive Director, US South Michael Boyzuick who enlisted Texas Senior Manager Robert Hatchett and Employee Relations Manager Martha Rodriguez as spokespeople for the campaign.


This week, Mr. Hatchett and Ms. Rodriguez are giving interviews to Houston-based media including The Houston Chronicle, National Public Radio (KUHF), KIAH-TV Channel 39, KXLN-TV Channel 45 and KTMD-TV (Telemundo) among others.


“We have three goals for this campaign,” Mr. Boyzuick explains, “to reassure our clients of our comprehensive approach to security including the additional measures we are taking in Houston, to increase awareness and promote safety for the general public, and to notify the criminal element that GardaWorld has zero tolerance for criminal behavior and we are prepared to use lethal force to protect the lives of our employees and clients.


“GardaWorld security policies and procedures, including our Partners in Prevention initiatives with our customers, and close cooperation with federal and state law enforcement agencies are an effective deterrent against such crimes,” Mr. Boyzuick added. “It is also important that the general public understands and supports our efforts to safely and securely provide the essential cash services that we are out there delivering to banks, retail businesses and other enterprises every day.”