GardaWorld presents A Man Like You to spellbound audience

May 29, 2018

The play was part of a larger event about travel security.

On May 17, 2018, GardaWorld company KK Security presented the award-winning play A Man Like You to an audience of about 175 invited guests in Nairobi, Kenya. The production was part of a larger event dedicated to travel security.

About the play

A Man Like You, written and directed by Kenyan playwright Silvia Cassini, centers on the kidnapping of a prominent diplomat in Somalia. As the story unfolds, the diplomat and the kidnappers gradually realize that despite their obvious differences, they actually share many similarities.

This extraordinary and captivating production conveys a message about the importance of dialogue, openness between people and humanity. The piece also touches on the issue of safety while traveling—a problem that GardaWorld understands particularly well, as it’s one of our specialties.

An introduction of GardaWorld’s travel security platform

Part of the event was a presentation about GardaWorld’s first-rate travel security platform, led by James Grimshaw, VP of Commercial Services for International Protective Services, and Chris Wright, a GardaWorld Responder. This presentation included a lively discussion with guests on how to act in certain high-threat situations.

The discussions also covered the importance of keeping your people safe while they travel, and how there needs to be a concrete system in place to keep them safe while abroad.

A lovely ending to a successful event

The event concluded with a cocktail reception where guests were able to learn more about GardaWorld and KK Security, by speaking directly with members of the company’s senior leadership team. The entire KK Security leadership team attended the event, as well as key personnel from GardaWorld International Protective Services, including President and COO Oliver Westmacott, VP of Finance Alain Giguere, and Managing Director in East Africa Nick Arnold.

In addition to travel security services, GardaWorld offers a range of other security services to meet a variety of needs. You can learn more about them here