GardaWorld presents a webinar featuring a global medical update, as well as critical crisis planning advice for COVID-19 and going forward

April 17, 2020

The unfolding global coronavirus pandemic is testing crisis response teams to make both short-term operational and longer-term decisions under significant time pressures. To help guide your response to the pandemic, our panelists present a COVID-19 risk management framework that can be applied to any enterprise, big or small.


Reliable medical information to help you guide your business

Dr. Simon Worrell, global media director of Collinson Group, provides a medical overview of COVID-19. This overview will guide businesses in educating their employees, screen for and identify cases, as well as understand how long the pandemic will last.


No-nonsense advice about crisis planning for your business

Dale Smith, senior consultant at NYA, a GardaWorld company, outlines the planning, decision support and crisis communications services that we’re offering to businesses around the world. Dale’s expert and frank advice helps companies be more nimble in their decision-making and coordinate efficiently across teams. He explains how companies should be thinking holistically about crisis communications, the importance of identifying and protecting key assets early on, and much more.

This webinar will arm you to make and execute decisions in an informed, coordinated and future-minded way to ultimately build resiliency and trust.


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