GardaWorld professionals are lightening the load on local police personnel in some areas

September 19, 2018

Police services across the country face budget pressures as well as growing demands for patrols, call responses, crime investigations and emergency assistance. Given all of the competing needs, police management find prioritizing needs and deploying security resources to be increasingly stressful and time-consuming.


GardaWorld’s police force support services can lighten the load. With our support, public police services can better utilize the training of frontline police officers, ensuring they are not spending precious hours on nonessential or lower-priority tasks. GardaWorld’s non-core police services also improve municipal police services and public satisfaction by filling in the gaps. Our trained private security professionals can manage non-critical tasks, such as securing crime scenes, escorting suspects to court, directing traffic and providing security during public events, to name a few.


Outsourced residential policing services in tourist hotspots

This past summer, the municipality of Lac-Supérieur in Quebec announced a new police services collaboration with GardaWorld.


In the municipality, which is popular with tourists, residents frequently complain of noise and rental bylaw infractions. As the police needed to focus on more critical issues and had difficulty responding to the bylaw complaints in a timely manner, the local municipalities outsourced certain services to GardaWorld’s private professionals.


The decision was made based on the success GardaWorld has had in enforcing bylaw infractions elsewhere. As Radio-Canada reported this past summer, GardaWorld has been providing police services for a decade in the municipality of Saint-Faustin–Lac-Carré in Quebec, with great satisfaction from local political representatives and residents.


In these vacation areas, GardaWorld’s security services respond to noise complaints and patrol to ensure vacation rental property owners have obtained the proper permits and are following the area’s bylaws. Because GardaWorld’s security personnel have a limited area and scope, they can respond quickly and effectively. Citizens can call the GardaWorld service with noise complaints or overcapacity issues at any time of day. Trained personnel arrive on the scene in minutes to speak to the individuals involved and enforce the law, when necessary, by issuing fines. Local residents, politicians and police leaders have praised GardaWorld’s efforts to deal with noise and bylaw infractions that police in the area have been struggling to address in recent years.


In addition to benefiting local residents, the support of GardaWorld benefits policing, as frontline officers in the area can focus on more serious issues, such as car accidents and crime investigations. One of the biggest benefits is that private professionals are extremely cost-effective when it comes to uncomplicated and non-critical policing tasks.


mobile patrol


Trained private professionals support policing efforts

In addition to bylaw enforcement, GardaWorld security professionals have been hired for traffic management, court services, people and asset screening, access control, crowd management and much more. Outsourcing noncritical policing tasks to first-rate, trained private security staff ensures that police officers can be available and responsive when their expertise is absolutely required.


Many other countries have had success outsourcing non-core policing tasks to private security professionals, as evidenced by decreased crime rates, balanced budgets and the gratitude of local citizens.


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