GardaWorld Protective Services continues its expansion in Ontario

January 19, 2017

Over the past decade GardaWorld has continuously expanded its operational capacity throughout the world and especially Canada as demand for specialized and professional security services dramatically increased.

In June 2016, GardaWorld Protective Services opened a new branch for our Thunder Bay, Northwestern Ontario operations. It is located at Suite 206C – 1000 Fort William Road, Thunder Bay.

During the fall, the Thunder Bay branch was awarded three major contracts, reflecting our increasing footprint in the region and the recognition of the quality of our services.

  • Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre: Our security professionals, trained and specialized in healthcare security, ensure the safety of the hospital, patient, personnel, volunteers, and the general public and anyone else who is attending the hospital properties or facilities. The scope of work includes the management of some emergencies, triage, patient watch, and parking. We put emphasize on comprehensive training to prepare them to adequately face the challenge.


  • Confederation College: We provide security services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long at Thunder Bay campus sites, including the Aviation Centre of Excellence located at Thunder Bay International Airport.


  • Thunder Bay Airport: In addition to our pre-board screening services under a contract with CATSA, we now also provide airport security services at Thunder Bay airport – 29 professionals will handle access control of restricted areas, airside security, parking enforcement, and response to security breaches and emergencies. Enhanced customer service along with best-in-class training and hands on management were key factors in being awarded this important contract.


To know more about our Protective Services in the Thunder Bay area or request a quote, visit our website.