GardaWorld provides help to limbless veterans by supporting Blesma Week

As a company that employs many veterans and values their contributions tremendously, GardaWorld believes in supporting Blesma—a UK organization that offers help of all kinds to limbless and wounded veterans.

To make sure Blesma can continue providing incredible services to veterans, we’ve made a donation in honor of Blesma Week, which kicks off on May 28, 2018.

Blesma gives back to those who have given so much

The organization’s mission is to enable limbless veterans to lead independent and fulfilling lives. They help by:

  • Offering financial assistance to cover the costs and hardships of disability.
  • Offering advice and support to veterans who are awaiting prostheses.
  • Organizing activities and events to offer help to veterans so they can stay active after injury.
  • Offering inspirational talks and workshops for school-aged children, delivered by Blesma’s wounded veterans, to help them understand what it means to overcome adversity and to promote resilience.

On the importance of Blesma Week

Blesma Week is the organization’s big chance to fundraise, and to showcase how they’re giving back to those who have served their country. Now in its fifth year, Blesma Week was established as a way for communities and companies to come together to raise funds and awareness to help limbless veterans and their families.

Why GardaWorld stands behind and offers help to veterans

GardaWorld is an international, military-friendly company that recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices veterans have made. It’s no surprise that a significant proportion of GardaWorld employees are veterans because former military personnel possess so many of the skills that are both necessary and highly valued in the security industry; for example, veterans are disciplined, accustomed to wearing their uniforms with pride, and are fit for duty. You can read more about how GardaWorld and veterans are a great match.

If you’re a veteran and interested in pursuing a career at GardaWorld, you can learn more here.