GardaWorld recognizes student success at Sheridan College

August 6, 2019

Once again, GardaWorld is pleased to recognize some of Sheridan College’s finest members studying in Public and Private Investigations. 


GardaWorld is proud to celebrate student success with Sheridan College, one of Ontario’s leading post-secondary institutions. Sheridan presents more than 600 awards to deserving students each year, including five GardaWorld Awards.


The GardaWorld Awards are presented to students from Sheridan’s Investigation—Public and Private program who have demonstrated academic excellence and classroom leadership.


This year, the recipients of the GardaWorld Award of Excellence are Gabrielle Gaudon, Albert Elliott, Ellondia Watson, Annette Madu, and Alexandra Alessi.


Here’s what some of our winners have to say:


“Thank you so much for the wonderful recognition through the Leadership Award. It means so much to me. Studying at Sheridan College and finding myself in an environment surrounded with love, friendship, understanding, security and most importantly, the rule of law made me appreciate life on a whole different level. It is a very wonderful experience; an experience I will take with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Colleen, GardaWorld and Sheridan College for this huge recognition and contribution.”


Annette Madu, Investigation - Public and Private Student 


“I am truly honored to be one of the recipients of GardaWorld’s 2019 prestigious Leadership Awards. Your kind gesture is greatly appreciated and means a lot to recipients, their families, and the community at large. My journey to this moment started in January 2018, when I enrolled in Sheridan College’s Investigation—Public and Private Program. My enrollment took place immediately after my retirement from the Royal Canadian Armed Forces (RCAF) in December 2017. The program offered challenges which included working late nights to complete assignments, meeting up with group members at different locations and editing drafts prior to submission. I am now very happy to say that these efforts resulted in the successful completion of this program. Thank you GardaWorld for your contribution to leadership and career development in the investigation, security and other related fields; also, for providing placement and employment opportunities for college students and graduates.”


Albert Elliott, Investigation - Public and Private Student


GardaWorld is pleased to recognize some of Sheridan College’s finest members studying in Public and Private Investigations.

From left to right: Jason Fortin (Regional Director, Greater Toronto Area, Security Services, GardaWorld), Danielle Weddepohl (Program Coordinator, Sheridan College), Alexandra Alessi, Gabrielle Gaudon, Annette Madu, Albert Elliott, and Raffi Demerjian (Portfolio Director, Security Services, GardaWorld)