GardaWorld team writes the book on ATM certification training

October 7, 2015

Sustainable. That’s the word Steve Morss, Vice President of Operational Excellence and ATM, says drove the development of our new ATM certification training program.

“My vision was to create a solid foundation for this program, so that in the future our operations would have all the tools they need to train our colleagues on how to properly service an ATM and recognize them as Certified ATM Technicians.”

Steve and his partners, Doug Ray, ATM Senior Manager of the Northeast, and Rick Salo, ATM Senior Manager of the Midwest, came together to do just that—develop a training program that could be maintained through the years.  Along the way, they demonstrated how using best practices will advance our ATM services.

Collaborate to develop the tools to succeed

“We came together as a team and have put a significant amount of work and time into making sure this program is a success,” says Steve. “The three of us wrote an ATM training book and Rick created the first ever online training module, making us the only secure transportation provider to have this type of training.”

“Our ultimate goal is to get it right the first time—making sure we instill in those on the frontlines of our operations pride and ownership over the job they do every day. These tools are going to help advance their careers, advance our operations and in turn make our clients happy.”

Listen to the client

Steve, Doug and Rick also sought the feedback of our large banking clients to help build the backbone of the program.

“Our clients were able to provide us with trends on the types of ATM faults and errors, plus they reached out to those who perform the maintenance on their ATMs for additional feedback as well,” says Steve.

“It was great to listen to what they had to say. Their knowledge really helped us and in turn it also helped them because they were able to understand the training program and our goal to certify our ATM techs. They were excited to be a part of it.”

Embrace technology

One of the most innovative and interactive parts of the new ATM training program is the use of a Go-Pro camera, which clips onto the front of an ATM Tech’s vest.

“The purpose of the GoPro is to allow the Branch Manager or trainer to have the ability to come back and critique a crew without being on-site, identifying steps that aren’t being followed and areas where we need to add additional training,” says Steve. “Plus it is another way of adding security too."

“We are putting as much depth into our ATM training as possible,” asserts Steve. “ATMs are a critical part of our business and supplying our colleagues with the proper tools is going to ensure we are the leader in our industry and provide the best quality service—this program is the perfect step towards that!”

The ATM certification training program is currently in its pilot stage. Once Steve and his team assess the program’s progress, it will be launched across our US Operations.