GardaWorld Values the Skills and Attributes of the Canadian Armed Forces

March 14, 2018

The average person probably has a few preconceived notions regarding the military—the army fights wars, defends our country, conducts peace keeping—but these impressions hardly scratch the surface of the skills and experiences developed in the Canadian Armed Forces. Military men and women are trained to work in diverse and austere environments, they routinely adapt to new and varied assignments, and they dedicate their time and energy to serve their country as crisis and security managers, strategists, logisticians, project managers, international peace brokers and a host of other roles.

GardaWorld respects the professionalism of the Canadian Armed Forces and has participated in a number of reservists and veterans career fairs in the Montreal area. Colonel Christian Mercier, the Brigade Commander of 34 Canadian Brigade Group, recently invited our company to take part in Executrek, a full-day program which serves to educate employers about the qualities and skills resident in military men and women, and learn how these traits and abilities can be applied to a traditional work environment. Ultimately, Executrek provides a glimpse into the military reality.


Teamwork is important to us, and we value the team focus of the armed forces. Although reservists join as individuals, through personal and professional development, they grow together as a team. As Colonel Mercier says, “There’s no loneliness in leadership in the military. Individual efforts create team results.” In both the army and at GardaWorld, a leader is only as strong as the team. 

The 3 Ps: Present, Professional, and Progress

Lieutenant-Colonel Roy looks for three key factors when deciding which individuals merit climbing the ranks. First, members must be present physically and mentally, arriving on time and engaged. Next, they must be conscious of their actions and behaviour, taking care to be respectful and professional. Finally, they must display a willingness to learn, improve, and progress. 

By surpassing personal expectations and working toward an ambitious goal, the soldier demonstrates a readiness to take on additional responsibilities and new challenges. Once the 3 Ps are satisfied, the member is a candidate for promotion. At GardaWorld, we likewise expect our employees to be present, vigilant, and engaged, to be professional in their conduct and behaviour, and demonstrate a desire to progress in their careers.

Attending the Executrek program confirms that reservists and military personnel are trained and equipped to handle a multitude of scenarios, and their skills and knowledge make them ideal candidates to work in the security industry. 

If you are interested in learning about job opportunities for military reservists and veterans at GardaWorld, visit our Careers page.