GardaWorld wins the 2016 Maurice-Pollack Award

November 9, 2016

GardaWorld is a proud recipient of the 2016 Maurice-Pollack Award for our inclusive organizational culture and various initiatives regarding equal access to employment designed to accommodate and integrate a diversified and ethnocultural workforce. The award was presented on November 7, 2016 during Quebec’s intercultural week.

Equal access to employment is an integral part of our corporate social responsibility. Ethnocultural diversity is a key pillar that makes the strength of our organization. It allows knowledge sharing and offers a diversified expertise that is aligned with international clients’ expectations. Our well-trained and highly qualified workforce allows us to offer best-in-class services.

Preparing our work environment to welcome an ethnocultural workforce

Our recruiting policy was designed to facilitate the candidate’s job application according to both the Employment Equity Act and the Canadian Human Rights Act that reflects the evolution and the tendencies of Canadian immigration. Immigrants join GardaWorld to evolve in an environment that encourages professional development and offers exciting career opportunities while allowing them to benefit from the mentorship of an international organization.

Our policies and work practices regarding diversity and inclusion facilitate a successful integration of visible minorities and newcomers within our company. An advisory group has been created in 2015 to develop an action, consultative and improvement plan regarding the management of visible minorities within our workforce. Our 2015-2017 action plan in favour of an equal access to employment is promoted both internally and externally. From the recruitment process to our retention program, each employee is initiated to the corporate culture and values of integrity, respect, trust and vigilance.

Promoting the inclusion of ethnocultural minorities and encouraging harmonious intercultural relations

Our ‘’Welcome to GardaWorld’’ onboarding program presents our corporate culture and history to all new employees. It is their first opportunity to discover our main policies in terms of ethics, occupational health and safety and quality.

In 2015, GardaWorld launched the “We are GardaWorld” program, an initiative that enhances the ethnocultural diversity within the organization by promoting it as a growth driver and organizational development. Internal campaigns are displayed in our branches, meeting rooms and on some of our clients’ sites.

Our corporate blog and employees’ exclusive online portal ensure transparent communication regarding diversity. Some of our articles promote the inclusion of veterans in our organization and our policies in terms of equality. The self-identification form on equal access to employment is available at any time allowing employees to modify and adjust their information. A confidential email address is entirely dedicated to equal access to employment to answer employees’ questions on our policies or corporate programs.

Getting involved to promote ethnocultural diversity in Quebec

GardaWorld partners with third parties in Canada, and especially in Quebec. We are a member of the Aboriginal Human Resource Council and received, in 2015, the Workplace Inclusion Leadership Award-Initiator the change Maker category. Our implication in building and supporting strong and stable relationships makes us an employer of choice of the aboriginal community. By maintaining and improving the existing relationships, we promote a climate of mutual comprehension and respect across Canada.