GardaWorld’s Pete Dordal Named to International Stability Operations Association Board of Directors

November 28, 2011

GardaWorld’s Senior Vice President Pete Dordal has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the International Stability Operations Association for a one-year term, effective November 1, 2011, the organization announced recently.


“The ISOA plays a vital role in ensuring that the private security industry adheres to the highest possible standards of conduct and ethics as its members work to bring stability and security to high-risk regions around the world,” Pete explains. “Since joining the organization in September 2008, we have enjoyed the opportunity to work with our colleagues in the industry to advance the goals of the international stabilization sector which is comprised of public, private and non-profit organizations.”


Pete spoke recently at the 2011 ISOA Annual Summit where he introduced the organization’s new Middle East Chapter and discussed the current situation in Afghanistan. On November 10, GardaWorld hosted a Middle East Chapter workshop co-chaired by Pete on Afghanistan in 2012 at the Capital Club in Dubai UAE.


ISOA is the international trade association of the stability operations industry, promoting ethics and standards worldwide and advocating for effective utilization of private sector services. ISOA members are leaders in the industry and are supported by ISOA’s outreach, education and government affairs initiatives.


ISOA members subscribe to the ISOA Code of Conduct, which represents a constructive effort towards better regulating private sector operations in conflict and post-conflict environments. It reflects the organization’s belief that high standards will both benefit the industry and serve the greater causes of peace, development, and human security.