GTRACK, guard tour and real-time incident management system

October 14, 2015

Long passed are the days where security guards only have to walk from check point to check point. At GardaWorld, we provide our employees with built-in high-end security technologies to improve our clients’ efficiency, accountability and profitability.

Check out this video to see how GTRACK can help you monitor ongoing activities, review the reported information and respond instantly to any situation that requires immediate action.

  • Scan control points – Each round includes a number of control points placed in strategic places on the route that are scanned with the guards’ portable devices. Checkpoint entries are then generated into the system in real time with the date, time, name, address of the contract and the name of the guard who performed the round. A detailed activity report is sent to your GardaWorld team to ensure quality control on our rendered services.

  • Real-time incident reports – The “incident reporting” function allows guards to fill out reports (time, event, incident type, location of the incident, photo, etc.) on their mobile device and send them automatically to the database, thus providing real-time information to the GardaWorld control centre and the customer in case of emergency.

  • Instant communication with the GardaWorld national control centre – With GTRACK, the control centre can contact patrollers by email or by messages at any time. In case of an alarm, the control centre can assign tasks to the right people, monitor progresses and ensure a fast and efficient support.

  • Analysis and Statistics – GTRACK facilitates report standardization, incident tracking, and analysis of security operations. The Relationship Manager can produce statistics on the number of incidents precisely by location, time period, type of incident, etc.


Our mobile patrols are more responsive than ever with GTRACK.


To learn more about GTRACK, contact Andrew Wilkinson, National Director, Patrols Services.