Guy Bonin climbs 11,250 steps for Muscular Dystrophy Canada!

June 8, 2016

Guy Bonin, Fire Safety Director at GardaWorld, participated for the 5th time this year in the Scott Montreal High Rise Challenge.

The Scott Montreal High Rise Challenge is both a physically demanding challenge and a fundraising event for which more than 700 firefighters, paramedics and police representatives, as well as individuals from the general public, raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

On June 3rd, Guy climbed 10 times the 48-stories Montreal Stock Exchange Tower for a total of 11,250 steps! This is an impressive physical feat that Guy achieved knowing that he was wearing his entire fire uniform throughout the challenge, which represnts an added weight of 30 lbs to carry. He even wore an oxygen mask, reducing his breathing capacity by 20%.

It also took Guy patience and determination to refill his oxygen tank before each climb as its maximum capacity was of around 30 minutes.

Guy Bonin










”Full equip, that’s my objective this year!” said Guy just before his last climb. He was also the first one to cross the door for this last stage of the challenge.

He achieved the whole challenge in 2 hours, 41 minutes and 40 seconds. Its fastest climb? He performed it in just 13 minutes and 14 seconds!

At GardaWorld, we push ourselves not only to protect our clients but also to support the causes that we hold dear. Join us in congratulating Guy Bonin for his contribution to the research on muscular dystrophy!