Having an Open Mind and Thinking Outside the Box Helped Shams Abawi Build his Career at GardaWorld

October 28, 2020

Since joining GardaWorld Federal Services as a recruiter almost five years ago, Shams Abawi has overseen a project in Iraq and has moved up the ranks to security manager. 


I started working for GardaWorld Federal Services in 2016 as a recruiter and currently hold the position of Security Manager. I was motivated to join and to build my career here because GardaWorld Federal Services matches my enthusiasm and passion for this line of work. I found that the direction and goals align perfectly with my own military background and direction. It is the No. 1 security company in the world for a reason, and I try to do the best I can to live up to those expectations of being a valued member within this company. 

My time at GWFS has allowed me to acquire and hone a variety of new skills that have shaped me into the person I am today. Qualities such as having an open mind and thinking outside the box have really helped my career over the years. Our working environment is always changing, and it is important to stay flexible and come up with the best possible solution given the information at hand. Being a team player and doing what is best for the operation, no matter how many hours it may take or what’s needed to get the job done, are paramount to our success and they are approaches I take pride in. 


Growing as a leader with a motivated team in Iraq 

A few years ago, I was afforded the opportunity to travel overseas with GardaWorld to help set up one of our new contracts in Erbil. I worked with an incredible staff down range consisting of local nationals and other international personnel, who made the transition easier than previously thought. It was the first time in my career that I was truly thrust into a leadership role without much supervision, running a recruiting operation in a different country. It was difficult, with many late nights, but I was able to fix issues on the fly, work with the team effectively, and set ourselves up in a position to properly submit the right personnel for the contract. Looking back, that success has had a lasting impact on my personal growth in a leadership role, and it allowed me to work with many different types of personalities and people from various backgrounds. It felt good to see that operation flourish and have continued success over the years. 

Words to the wise 

All success starts with the first step, which is to believe in yourself. You need to have the right mindset and believe that whatever you put your mind to, you can accomplish. Being a selfless team player, doing everything in your power to perfect the project you are working on, allows you to make your mark and show everyone what kind of person you really are. 

The chance to grow within GardaWorld 

There is a real opportunity to grow within the company. It will not happen overnight, and it will not always be easy. If you believe in yourself, continue to contribute as a strong team player, and are truly invested in the work you do, the pieces will fall into place. Your hard work will be noticed and when it is, you will be happy you put in the effort. 


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