Hospital safety: Making a difference with patients

March 2, 2018

(Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec) Catherine Lachapelle has been working at GardaWorld for almost three years. While her career began in the restaurant and retail industries, it was her desire to become a correctional officer that led to her pursuing security training.  

“After obtaining my security license, I started working for a security company. It was during a contract in a hospital environment that I really got hooked on the job! However, being on call, I was looking for more stability. At the same time, GardaWorld was recruiting for more permanent positions, with better schedules." Catherine took the opportunity and was quickly offered a permanent position before being offered a role as a Sergeant.  

Catherine explains, "In a hospital setting, no two days are the same." According to Catherine, versatility is a must in the position she occupies. In addition to protecting patients, she must also protect the premises and equipment where she works, and conduct preventive patrols in the establishment and parking lots. Catherine adds, "There are a lot of procedures to follow for our daily tasks, you have to know how to juggle all this at the same time!"  

What motivates her in her everyday life is the feeling of making a difference and protecting people while gaining their trust. “The security industry isn’t always smooth sailing,” Catherine explains, “It is never fun to conduct physical interventions on a child or an elderly person, although it remains the last resort. Being the first contact of a patient before the clinical staff arrives can be difficult. “Sometimes we face families in tears when a death or serious case is reported. Thankfully, this doesn't happen every day and the good times more than compensate for these situations.”  

What’s Catherine’s advice for women who wanting to pursue a career in security? "Go for it! Man or woman, the goal remains the same: to protect people, property and places." While she was the only woman in security on the hospital site in her early days, the security team now consists of seven women. Catherine declares, “Good character, respect, good communication, patience, determination and good judgment make this profession a job for everyone!" 

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