How Armored Transport Service Can Help You Build Your Business

February 11, 2013

Cash is typically considered an asset on a company’s balance sheet, but operationally, it can be a liability. And the more cash a business must manage, the more the liability it can present.


How’s that?

The most obvious liability is the risk of theft and possible harm to anyone involved in cash management, whether it’s cash counting, cash processing or cash in transit. Of course, Garda has built its cash logistics and armored truck business on helping its clients minimize those risks. But Garda can help you contain an even more fundamental risk, and by doing so, help you build your business.

Cash’s other problem. As anyone who manages a business large or small knows, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. This is especially a problem for cash-generating businesses like retail stores, restaurants, bars, theaters, convenience stores and so forth.

That’s because these businesses count on delivering the very best customer experience possible so customers come back often and tell their family and friends.

Time bandits. But managers can be distracted and run ragged trying to make sure employees are performing well, and whatever products and services they’re offering are of the highest quality and in sufficient supply.

That’s not to mention cash deposits need to be made and accounted for; cash drawers need replenishment; and if an ATM is on-premise, it needs replenishment, too. Fact is, the more time you spend securing, counting, reconciling and getting cash to your bank account, the less time you have to serve your customers.

Simply put: If your business is customer-facing, and you’re not facing your customers, then your business is suffering.

Turn it around.  Garda can help you turn this risk around by offloading the burden of your cash management chores, so you can focus on building the very best customer experience possible, and training your employees how to deliver it consistently.

Once you have time to devote to your customer experience, you can try these three simple tips to help improve your customer service.

1)  Responsiveness – In our busy, hurry-up world, customers detest waiting—as you may well know, given that you’re likely a customer of many businesses yourself. Whether it’s being put on hold, waiting for a table in a restaurant, or standing in a long retail checkout line, few things undermine customer goodwill quicker than waiting. To avoid this:


  • * Employees should always acknowledge customers as soon as they enter your premises, no matter how busy your employees might be.

  • * Employees should respond to all calls and emails within 24 hours, if not sooner.

  • * If customers must wait, employees should explain why and offer some amenity to help offset the delay.

2)  Under-promise and over-deliver – Properly managing customer expectations is a lesson that’s hard-earned by most people. The reason is that most people want to please others, so they’ll promise much more than they can possibly deliver in terms of time, cost, quality or any combination of the three. Often due to inexperience, they may not be aware of their own limitations to make good on their promises—or they’re unaware or ignore external factors that could also compromise their promises.

3)  Smile – Smiles reflect pleasant, usually friendly attitudes in people. And both can overcome a lot of product and service shortcomings. Hiring upbeat, outgoing people in the first place can help ensure a positive customer experience more often than not. If customers have an issue, a simple but genuine smile can go a long way to help resolve it.

Remember, word of mouth is often times the best marketing tool. By bringing on a company like Garda to help manage your cash needs, you’ll be able to devote the time necessary to build the world-class customer service that people can’t stop talking about.