In the booming and now legal marijuana industry, cannabis security solutions are paramount

October 17, 2018

As the cannabis industry embraces legalization and rapidly scales up operations, comprehensive cannabis security and transportation solutions are more paramount than ever.


Private security firms are stepping up to support police forces in securing the cannabis value chain. Meanwhile, cannabis companies are on the lookout for top security firms that understand the importance of safeguarding personnel and product at every step of the process.

At GardaWorld, we provide specialized security solutions for a range of sectors, and the cannabis sector is no exception. We can offer both physical security on site, as well as ground and air security for transporting product from one location to another. With a strong track record in the retail and banking sectors, GardaWorld is in an excellent position to provide a whole range of solutions for cash processing. Plus, thanks to our advanced tracking technology, as well as our industry-leading communication tools and coordination procedures, we’re able to ensure safe and on-time deliveries.

“Very few security companies can provide end-to-end security for the cannabis industry,” says Rob Murray, VP Sales and Business Development in Cash Services. “With decades of experience in a broad range of sectors, GardaWorld is well aware of the vulnerabilities at every stage of production, distribution and retail, and we customize solutions according to each company’s unique needs.”



Combining superior training and people skills with next-level technology

We have highly trained personnel and comprehensive security procedures for all stages of the cannabis supply chain, including laboratories, mother rooms, greenhouses, distribution centers and points of sale. We rely on our tested protocols and rigorous training to ensure all points of entry and exit are secured, and the movement of people and assets is managed according to the highest standards.

In addition, with continuous movement-tracking tools available, our cannabis industry clients can follow shipments door to door. These technologies are not new to GardaWorld; we have been relying on a lot of these same tools with great success for many years for clients in other sectors who require end-to-end cash services solutions. Knowing exactly where assets and security personnel are at any given time ensures that we can deploy rapid-response plans in case of emergencies.


 One of our security guards is inside a mobile patrol car talking on a radio.


A worldwide company that understands the local cannabis industry and its unique security needs

We understand the complex, day-to-day issues that cannabis producers and distributors face. We also know that the reliability and training of guards to patrol and safeguard facilities is a concern of many new and growing cannabis companies. That’s why we implement extremely tight security procedures, including that all bags are checked and that personnel and visitors are signed in and out, as well as monitored on premises. GardaWorld security officials are trained to act professionally and courteously at all times, while constantly adhering to strict monitoring routines and patrolling and tracking protocols.

We know that our cannabis security clients need seamless, expertly coordinated security services throughout the cannabis value chain, from grow facilities to packaging centers to distribution centers. That’s why we offer end-to-end security that includes the on-time deployment of highly professional and reliable guards, as well as fully equipped vehicles.


For more information feel free to read more about the security services provided by GardaWorld’s cannabis transport and security services here.