Making the case for armored cash delivery services

October 27, 2015

With more than 35 years in loss prevention for several major specialty retail chains, I’ve faced many skeptical financial decision-makers who’ve questioned the value of armored cash delivery services. But when I tell them that our company could save a net of five hours of payroll per store each week — plus provide a safer, more productive work environment — their eyes light up.

Even for single store owners, the financial business case for hiring an armored cash delivery service like GardaWorld can make sense. In fact, as little as 1.65 hours a week of payroll savings can cover the cost of outsourcing cash services for a single store. And change can be brought to any location in the exact currency and coin denominations and amounts needed.

Even better. The ROI gets even more attractive if you combine the time savings with GardaWorld’s CashLINK smart safe technology. This is an on-premise safe that automatically counts and secures cash and check deposits, so store owners, managers, or employees don’t have to do so. It also provides instant credit to the store’s bank account, which can boost cash flow.

Retailers, restaurateurs and other users of GardaWorld Cash Services gain these benefits, as well:

  • External robbery exposure eliminated

  • Vehicle accident exposure reduced

  • Chances of employee deposit theft reduced

  • Funds insured

  • Store personnel spend more time with customers

  • Potential workers compensation claims reduced

  • Employee productivity increases

Count the savings.  Where do the payroll savings come from? My experience in loss prevention with several major retail chains led me to see the following as typical: Our managers used to go the bank every morning. They’d come to work, find a parking space, come in, pick up the deposits from the day before, get back in their car, drive to the bank, find another parking space, stand in line at the bank, make the deposit, get back in their cars, find another parking space near their stores.

We calculated conservatively that this cost us an hour a day every day of the week. With GardaWorld Cash Services, it turns out that for every store, a savings of about five hours of payroll were realized a week just by keeping associates in the store.

More time in the store.  At the same time, we raised store productivity. We got a lot more done now in the mornings and insurance rates went down, because managers were not driving to the bank. We also eliminated thousands of expense reports that our managers used to file for mileage and related reimbursements so the accounting department is happy and more productive.

Without all that running around, they were safer and not subject to any armed robberies either. In the past, we were experiencing numerous armed robberies a year and every couple of months our deposits, which we kept in a locked box in the back room, would go missing and it would be hard to tell who took them because several people in each store had access to those boxes.

Finally, our loss prevention teams loved it as well. Rather than investigating robberies and missing deposits, they had more time to focus on training, coaching and awareness programs.

If you’d like to see the business case for yourself and find out more about the value your store can get from GardaWorld Cash Services, contact 855 GO GARDA. For more general information, please visit