Marie-Michèle’s sharp eye prevents a case of fraud

April 4, 2019

Marie-Michèle is a Cashier at one of North America’s largest credit unions. The Staffing Services division of GardaWorld helped place Marie-Michèle in this customer service role in October 2018, where she delivers outstanding service and demonstrates great vigilance!


Recently, she came across a fraudster who used fake ID cards to facilitate his scheme. The man had already stolen $12,000 by making multiple withdrawals at a bank in four different branch locations.


Marie-Michèle explains, “He came to my counter, appearing calm. He asked to make a withdrawal and identified himself with a driver’s license and Medicare card. The numbers on the cards looked crooked and something didn’t seem right. After punching in his license number in the system, I noticed the number wasn’t valid. Moreover, I saw he made several withdrawals at other branch locations throughout the day.” 


Did you know?

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As a cashier, Marie-Michèle is responsible for tending to customers’ banking operation needs, as well as providing support for financial transactions and sales. Working in a bank—a place primarily known for its monetary assets—employees must always be on high alert. They receive rigorous training, including security and fraud detection.


Thanks to the vigilance of GardaWorld’s Marie-Michèle Desbiens, who followed procedures and quickly reported the situation, the suspect in his fifties has been properly identified, and his scheme comes to an end.


Marie-Michèle knew exactly how to put her knowledge and skills to work. Congratulations on the job well done!


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