Our latest webinar, featuring insights from our frontline business leaders in Iraq, is designed to help businesses overcome challenges posed by COVID-19

April 27, 2020

In Iraq, the spread of COVID-19 is exacerbating a number of crises, including political upheaval in neighboring Iran and a global weakening of oil prices. This brings up important questions, including: What impact will COVID-19 have on business operations, on political stability, and personnel safety in Iraq?


Learn how the pandemic is affecting Iraq, and what that means for international business.

GardaWorld’s crisis response experts for Iraq and the Middle East provide an on-the-ground look into how the pandemic is affecting the country, with a focus on the matters that most affect international businesses in the region—from visas and access to emergency evacuation services, to supply chain and export issues.


Get expert advice on what you should be asking to support your business continuity.

In this webinar, our panelists offer advice on what questions managers need to be asking local officials, insurance providers and more to promote the continuity of operations. Our experts lay out in detail what emergency services need to be put in place, and what steps companies need to take now to prevent the spread of the virus among their employees.


Inform yourself with our lessons learned during this pandemic.

The lessons learned in the emerging pandemic in Iraq are ones that are important for businesses working in the larger Middle East region and in politically volatile and low-resource countries throughout the globe. In addition, our experts discuss the actions that GardaWorld is taking to bolster our clients’ security in Iraq in the short and long term, as well as to support our clients with emerging operational challenges.

Panelists include Danny Matthews, regional director of our Iraq operations; Dale Smith, senior consultant at NYA; Andy Edwards, vice president of strategic clients; and Colin Brown, senior vice president of strategic clients. By understanding and preparing for the short- and long-term risks as this crisis unfolds, you can protect your business and what matters most—your people.


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