Pre-board charisma at Pearson Airport

March 2, 2018

(Toronto, Canada) Have you ever passed through Toronto Pearson pre-board security screening to catch an early morning flight? If yes, you may have encountered Marie-Michelle Henry, a screening officer exuding a vivacious energy and cheerful personality that cannot go unnoticed. 

Driven by offering passengers a unique, stress-free, and memorable security screening experience, she goes above and beyond to make the best of passengers’ waiting time. Even before being divested to a screening line to remove and place typical alarm-triggering items on the belt, she informs passengers of what to expect and what to do or not do; thus accelerating the process and creating a pleasant pre-boarding experience. And the best part? Loud and proud, Marie-Michelle often sings the rules to passengers, entertaining the young and the old, the bored and the anxious. 

“Marie-Michelle is a perfect example of how security need not be compromised for the sake of great customer service. Her outgoing personality is a welcome ray of sunshine to those already anxious while travelling. She exemplifies the practice of GardaWorld’s core values,” says David Cable, Regional General Manager, Performance and Programs. “She’s one of our best and brightest!” he adds. 

Ironically, Marie-Michelle started working as a screening officer on September 11, an infamous date in the security industry. With over 10 years of service at Canada’s largest and busiest airport in the country, Marie-Michelle’s motivation in helping ensure passengers’ safety remains as high as it was on day one. Her everyday mantra? “We’re gonna have an awesome one!” 

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